Meeting Minutes January 2011

Victoria Community Kitchens Network (VCKN)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011; 10 AM – 12 PM

James Bay Community Project, 547 Michigan Street, Victoria


  1. Personal Check-in, Updates & Networking
    1. Lexi Ratz – Programmer at Women In Need (WIN).  Will host first community kitchen at the Fairfield-Gonzales Community Center on Friday, Jan 28th.  They are hoping for 5 women.  WIN has been very supportive of the program,
  2. Additions to the agenda?
  3. Information Sharing
    1. Health Canada has released two reports:
      1. Improving Cooking and Food Preparation Skills: A Synthesis of the Evidence to Inform Program and Policy Development
      2. Improving Cooking and Food Preparation Skills:  A Profile of Promising Practices in Canada and Abroad.
      3. These reports synthesize the current state of evidence related to cooking and food preparation skills and the implications of the transition of skills on nutritional health.  It serves as a guide for individuals and organizations for developing cooking and food skills programs in their own communities. Please feel free to disseminate these reports broadly. They can be found online at:
    2. Other?
  4. Business
    1. CR-FAIR Food Access & Recovery  Working Group & Advisory currently developing a tool to increase communication amongst the 39 community agencies in Greater Victoria that distribute, transport and store emergency food.  There will be a way for various groups, such as community kitchens to benefit from this online tool.  See:
    2. Soup Sisters (  Group discussed how this fundraiser could potentially raise funds for the VCKN to run more Food Skills for Families programs in the region.  (ACTION:  Tracy to f/u with Diane re: Soup Sisters)
    3. Food Skills for Families – VCKN to write a letter of support to Canadian Diabetes in support of the program?  (ACTION:  Tracy to draft letter for review at next meeting)


    1. Fresh Choice Kitchens – Community Kitchen Leadership Program (ACTION:  Tracy to follow-up with Diane Collis, ED of Fresh Choice Kitchens) 
      1. May 17,18,19, 2011 Canning Workshop with Bernardin and Leadership Training
        1. Brainstorm topics for Training (i.e. facilitation, fundraising, etc.)
    2. Mapping all of the kitchen spaces in Greater Victoria, so that we can refer groups & individuals who are interested in cooking (ACTION:  Tracy to follow-up with this)  
  1. Community Kitchen Funding Opportunities
    1. “Cooking out of the Box” – Group continues to look for an organization/grant to fund this program
    2. Sponsorships/ “Adopt a Community Kitchen” Program – Update & Other Ideas? 
    3. Discussion with Brent Palmer at the Mustard Seed re: funding opportunities as well as “Community Kitchen Hamper” (ACTION:  Set meeting for next week)
    4. Good Food Box Society will host a Soup fundraiser with chefs @ Root Cellar (Feb 2011)
  2. Community Kitchen Promotion/ Outreach
  1. a.       Maintain & Update VCKN Facebook site – Group talked about putting meeting minutes on Facebook, as well as linking with the Fresh Choice Kitchens facebook site.   (ACTION:  Tracy to follow-up)


  1. b.      3-fold display (ACTION: Tracy to ask volunteer to update based on recommendations) 


  1. c.       Other Ideas/ Opportunities?  How can we work together to fundraise for Community Kitchens in our region? 


  1. d.      March 2011 National Nutrition Month theme is “Cooking together is the recipe for fun!”  For more information see   Ideas around capitalizing on this? 


  1. Housekeeping
  1. a.       Letterhead (ACTION:  Tracy to put the VIHA contact info on the bottom of the letterhead and “finalize”)


  1. b.      Cowichan Community Kitchens Budgeting session – Brought forward to September 2010 meeting.  Jennifer also mentioned that she would be able to lead a “mock” budgeting session with us so that we could get a feel for how the CCK folks operate their kitchens.   (ACTION:  Tracy to follow-up with Jennifer re: offering a mock session.)


  1. Next Meeting – March 2011 ?
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