Meeting Minutes June 2010

Victoria Community Kitchens Network (VCKN)


Wednesday, June 16 2010; 9 AM – 11 AM

Blanshard Community Centre, Board Room, 901 Kings Road, Victoria


Regrets:  Jodi Sturge, John Taylor, Mary Hayes

  1. Personal Check-in, Information Sharing & Networking
    1. Jennifer Freeman – Her community Kitchen group has been allowed the use of the FNRG until the end of August 2010.  Will most likely be looking for a new home after that, as they will only have use of the small, upstairs kitchen.   The smaller kitchen is not ideal  for many people to cook together.  They were also given a check to compensate them for the food that was taken from the Community Kitchen group. 

Jennifer has recently been hired by the Cowichan Community Kitchens (CCK) group.  She finds it “more structured and different” than what she was used to working in Victoria.  She is enjoying getting to know the group in Cowichan and hopes to work more with them in the fall.  She also really likes the budgeting aspect of the CCK format.  In addition, Jennifer hopes to do some “field to plate” initiatives with her farm and CCK. 

Jennifer has stepped off the Good Food Box society board of directors. 

    1. Diane Andiel – There has been some confusion with the Food Skills for Families program running at the Saanich Neighbourhood Place, and they hope to get it going before the end of June. 

Diane orders from SnowCap Baking Supplies every 6-8 weeks.  If you are interested in joining in a bulk order, please contact Diane at

    1. Catriona Campbell – Just completed the 6-week FSFF program, and it was very successful.  She hopes that the group stays solidified, and continues to meet regularly as a participant-driven community kitchen.  Allison Power may be able to help support this transition.  Catriona plans to apply again for the Fall FSFF (Cycle 7).   
    2. Alia Toots – VIHA Dietetic Intern & guest at meeting. 
    3. Tracy Cullen – chair and facilitator
  1. Letter of Support to Fernwood NRG – Tracy drafted letter of support, and provided to group for feedback.  Jennifer said that she would take a look at it and get back to Tracy re: next steps. 
  2. Alia Toots, Dietetic Intern – Presented “Cooking out of the Box” Program Plan. 
    1. Alia presented the Cooking out of the Box Program Plan, and the members of the VCKN were supportive of bringing the proposal forward to the Hellman’s Foundation for funding.  Diane and Tracy will work together to put this proposal together before the June 30th deadline.  (
    2. In addition, we plan to piggyback on the GFB Fall Questionnaire to survey current GFB participants to ask if they would be interested in the “Cooking out of the Box” Program.  Tracy will follow-up with this
  3. CR-FAIR Food Access, Distribution & Recovery – Update
    1. Create food distribution tool on the VCKN Facebook site – Members discussed the use of Facebook as a tool.  Not ideal because it is a separate website that folks have to log into.   Group discussed need for a website that is easily accessible and secure. 
    2. Diane mentioned CR-FAIR’S Food Distribution List – Will be used to strengthen the connections and the opportunities to collaborate. The purpose of the distribution list would be to share information about:

                                               i.      surplus donated foods available or specific food shortages

                                             ii.      food storage needs or storage availability

                                           iii.      food transportation needs or opportunities

                                            iv.      volunteers available for specific work or volunteers needed.

If you would like to be included in this distribution list, and be able to use it, please email and put “emergency food service providers distribution list” in the subject line.

  1. Canning Info & Discussion – Tracy distributed “Canning Facilitators and Information” flyer to members.  This is a working document, and not intended for public distribution.  It was intended as a resource for VCKN members and as a working document to track canning facilitators in our region.  Please pass on any updates re: Canning to Tracy. 


  1. Sponsorships/ “Adopt a Community Kitchen” Program – Tracy to follow-up with Theresa @ SNP to see if she is still interested in pursuing this program. 


  1. Community Kitchen Funding Opportunities
    1. CFAI Update – Tracy mentioned that the word from VIHA is that Jarrod’s Food Security job is “frozen”, and that the CFAI money is not being distributed at this time.  Tracy will do some digging to find out what she can about Food Security within VIHA.  
    2. The TD Financial Literacy Grant Fund – grants to serve low income and otherwise economically disadvantaged persons and groups in Canada to support and promote financial literacy. The recent economic crisis has highlighted the need for people to be financially literate.  Financial literacy programs provide money management tools and information on how and where to receive assistance as well as instill confidence in peoples’ ability to manage their finances (
  1. Community Kitchen Promotion/ Outreach
    1. Maintain & Update VCKN Facebook site – Theresa/ Bekah?  Tracy to follow-up with Theresa about this. 
  2. Housekeeping
    1. Letterhead Options – Catriona & Theresa to discuss letterhead and bring back to group
  1. Cowichan Community Kitchens Budgeting session – Brought forward to September 2010 meeting.  Jennifer also mentioned that she would be able to lead a “mock” budgeting session with us so that we could get a feel for how the CCK folks operate their kitchens. 


    1. GFB – Bulk Ordering (coordinate with Sushil to order by Monday @ 11 AM OR 1 PM) – Group received bulk ordering info, but there is still the conflict of the delivery being on a Cold Star delivery day.  If the GFB could diversify to 2x per month, this would eliminate this problem re: storage and manpower to unload, etc. 
    2. Community Kitchen Support Materials – For Your Information
      1. Contract/ Kitchen Use agreement – John Taylor
      2. “Kitchen Competence” materials  – Catriona Campbell
      3. Good Food Box Info Package – Jennifer Freeman
    3. All to update Contact info and community kitchens lists – Tracy to put on Fresh Choice Kitchens site
  1.  Next Meeting – TBD
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