Meeting Minutes November 2009

Victoria Community Kitchens Collective (VCKC)


Monday, November 9, 2009; 12 – 2 PM

Fairfield-Gonzales Community Centre, 1330 Fairfield Rd (250-382-4604)


Present:  Catriona Campbell, John Taylor, Diane Andiel, Lisa Isaac, Allison Power, Dayle Cosway, Tracy Cullen (chair & recorder)


  1. 1.       Check-in & Information sharing over lunch (Thank you John & the F-G Community Centre for Lunch!)


John Taylor: Works at the Fairfield-Gonzeles Community Centre.  Mentioned Potluck: Catering to Communities (  as a great example of a Social Enterprise. 


Catriona Campbell:   Works at James Bay Community Project.  Mentioned (Great way to get volunteers for your community association). 


Diane Andiel: Works as a Programmer, Community Services, Saanich Recreation


Lisa Isaac: Works as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with Aborigianl Mental Health.  Mentioned connecting with Military Base in Esquimalt to get community garden volunteers.


Allison Power: Works at Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group


Dayle Cosway: Works at Terricicious.


Tracy Cullen :  Works as a Community Nutritionist at the Vancouver Island Health Authority.  Reviewed purpose of committee and how this is a member-driven process.  She is interested in meeting the needs of the group as well as the larger community. 


  1. 2.       Review DRAFT Kitchen Audit & discuss next steps (marketing our kitchens)

There was much discussion about the Kitchen Audit, its purpose and format.  It was decided that there is a need for two Audits/ Questionnaires:

          Community Kitchen Questionnaire:  To target the agencies who are already “on board” with community kitchens and would like to move forward with marketing and getting their kitchens as utilized as possible.  This includes those who attended the first Community Kitchens Collective meeting as well as this meeting. 

          Community Kitchen Primer and Questionnaire:  To target the agencies who are not yet on board with community kitchens.  This group includes schools, churches, seniors housing, etc. who have not been identified and who are not part of this VCKC group.  This group will likely need information about community kitchens provided to them as well as personal follow-up and assistance in filling out the Questionnaire.  Is this a place that we could use some Nursing Student Volunteers? 

It was also discussed, that with both Kitchen Audits/Questionnaires, it would be a benefit to include questions about NEEDS (need to have a paid facilitator, need to have paid food, need to have training re: facilitating community kitchens, etc.).  This will help to create a needs & assets assessment of our community in order to apply for funding in the future. 


ACTION:  Tracy will draft the two questionnaires and circulate to group for discussion & comments. 


ACTION:  Tracy will circulate information on the Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI) Grant and invite Jarrod Gunn-McQuillan (Regional Food Security Coordinator, VIHA) to join us at one of our future meetings to discuss the purpose and needs of our group and opportunities for future funding.  


  1. 3.       Review existing community kitchen resources (to help facilities and community groups get a kitchen started)

“Community Kitchen Resources” document circulated.  As time was running short, it was decided that each member would review documents independently and let Tracy know if there was any additional areas they would like some information.  Tracy would be able to do research and get back to the group.  


  1. 4.       Discuss how to get other community groups involved in this work (Schools, churches, etc.)

Tracy mentioned recent correspondence with Meghan Day (Manager, Healthy Eating and Food Security with the Ministry of Health).  She is “building an advocacy case for schools to include school/community kitchens in their Neighborhoods of Learning Plans.  Neighborhoods of Learning is a Ministry of Education initiative that provides funding to schools to support infrastructure improvements for schools to become community facilities as well as learning spaces.”  This is in its very early phases, as Meghan is just building the advocacy case now.  Stay tuned. 


There was discussion about reaching out to other groups who might be interested in belonging to the VCKC. 


ACTION:  Tracy will put together a list of local groups who might be interested in belonging to the Collective.  She will circulate the list to our Collective to see if anyone has a contact or relationship with the group.  Once the Community Kitchen Primer and Questionnaire is completed, we will work to reach out to these groups to educate and complete the paperwork.   


  1. 5.       Community Kitchen Leadership Workshop (Fresh Choice Kitchens travel subsidies.  Details to be announced via their e-list:

The Fresh Choice Kitchens group in Vancouver hosts Community Kitchen Leadership Workshops every other month.   Normally the workshops are offered for $20-$45 on a sliding scale, but with the additional travel costs to get to Vancouver these workshops can be prohibitory expensive for people living on Vancouver Island.  The group was excited about the opportunity to participate in these Workshops, and about offering them to the larger community.  However, were wondering about bringing the Fresh Choice Kitchen group here to do workshops for us. 


ACTION:  Tracy to email Dianne Collis (Manager, Fresh Choice Kitchens) to ask about hosting Community Kitchen Leadership Workshop(s) here in Victoria.  Also, will invite Diane to a VCKC meeting to learn more about the Vancouver CK Network and how they got started, etc. 


  1. 6.       Group Check-in (how is everyone feeling about this process?  Needs being met?)

The group felt collectively that their needs are being met through these meetings, and that there was value in getting and working together.  Group decided that they would like to meet on a monthly basis to solidify goals and work plan for group.  


NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 7, 2009 from 10 AM – 12 PM Hosted by Lisa Isaac, Aboriginal Mental Health Consultant, South Island Region (


Aboriginal Child & Youth Mental Health

1st Floor – 1195 Esquimalt Road

Victoria, BC V9A 3N6


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