Meeting Minutes September 2009

Community Kitchens Gathering

Monday, September 21, 2009

Meeting Notes


Mini Community Kitchen

          Let’s get to know each other by cooking together!

          Muffins, Smoothies, Hummus and Fruit Salad were made and enjoyed by all. 

Opening Remarks & Welcome

          Tracy Cullen introduced the session and talked about how this group came about (response from community inquiries re: community kitchens).

          Discussed that this group’s agenda and next steps will be determined by the individuals and agency members.

          See two handouts: Community Kitchens: Upcoming Dates (September & October 2009) & Community Kitchen Information and Resources – SEE ATTACHED.


          Community Kitchen Contact List – SEE ATTACHED.

What are Community Kitchens?

          Jennifer Freeman, Board Chair, Good Food Box reviewed community kitchen format and various options for getting started, troubleshooting, funding options. 

          See Some Ideas Around Community Kitchens handout – SEE ATTACHED.

          Viewed Community Kitchens Video from Fresh Choice Kitchens (

Community Kitchens – Local Successes

          Allison Power, Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group (FNRG)

          Mary Hayes, Tsartlip First Nation

Food Skills for Families (FSFF) Program

          Regrets from Mary Clifford, Manager FSFF, Canadian Diabetes Association

          Information on Food Skills for Families program – SEE ATTACHED.

          Deadline for applying is first week of October, 2009

          There are several individuals in our community who are trained as FSFF facilitators.  E.g. Allison Power (FNRG) is immediately available to host a FSFF program in your facility. 

Break Out sessions

  1. 1.       How to get a Community Kitchen Up & Running  (Facilitator: Fiona Devereaux)

          How can we set up community kitchens without funding?

          Can we use a social enterprise model?  (i.e. build on the Good Food Box model…  & use the same bank account, newsletter, etc.)

          Link & Network with existing “green” groups (i.e. “Green Drinks”)

          Capturing Audiences, Identifying Niche, Creating Social Change that Empowers people! 

  1. 2.       Funding Community Kitchens (Facilitator: Allison Power)

          THE NEED: Isolation, Social Support, Free Meals, Resources, Connect with Community, Nourishment, Child-Caregiver Connection

          POSSIBLE GRANTS: HEAL Grant, Active Living incentives, Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI Grants), Community Investment Fund at Coast Capital, Legion Halls, Save-on-Foods, Santa’s Anonymous, City of Victoria Funding, Van City

          PARTICIPANT DRIVEN COMMUNITY KITCHEN: selling servings, fundraising cook-off between community kitchens (i.e. “Teflon Chef”)

          OTHER IDEAS: cooking from the food bank and/or Good Food Box food, attract students (Early Childhood Educators and/or Chefs?)

  1. 3.       Troubleshooting Within Existing Community Kitchens (Facilitator: Janelle Hatch)

          This group did not have many participants, and therefore reflected on the meeting as a whole.  Noted that many of the individuals at the table represented agencies that have commercial kitchen space.  How can we harness this potential to link up with community groups who are looking for a space to hold their community kitchen? 

Report Back & Discussion of Next Steps

          The group collectively came up with some very good ideas for moving forward:

  • o   Audit the kitchen facilities within Greater Victoria to find out what kind of kitchen space is available (what type of equipment, etc.), what days & times the kitchens are available for use, and then market ourselves to various community groups to attract community kitchens to use the space
  • o   Put together a list of local community resources that would help facilities and community groups to get a kitchen started (i.e. where to purchase discounted produce & other food, batch-cook recipes, “how to get started” information, etc.)
  • o   Talk to the Good Food Box to learn from & discuss possibility of incorporating community kitchens into their Social Enterprise model (i.e. bulk-buying for kitchen groups to be able to purchase food for use in kitchens at discounted prices; harness the potential of existing kitchens in our community, incorporate our messages & advertisements into existing Good Food Box Newsletter)
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